Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Roadsign Magic - Adding graffiti to a (virtual) sign!

This tutorial shows you how to add graffiti to your road signs using the MyFonts add-in as shown below:

Using the MyFonts add-in, we can install any TrueType or OpenType font for use within Roadsign Magic including Graffiti fonts.  Read this earlier post for more information on installing and using MyFonts via email or via the web.

OK so tap on the MyFonts screen from the MySigns screen as show below (tap on any image to enlarge).

Tap on the Help icon, and scroll down to the free font site links.  Tap on the www.1001freefonts.com link.  From the main page you should see a "Graffiti" category - click on this and you'll get a list of graffiti fonts, free for personal use, as shown below.

As demonstrated in the previous MyFonts tutorial, tap on the download link and then use iZip to open up the font file in Roadsign Magic as shown below.  Now you should have a whole set of different graffiti fonts you can use.

You can tap on the blue disclosure button to get a preview of the fonts as shown below.

Now create a new road sign; I'm going to create a Stop sign from the list of templates (this template requires the purchase of the Signs & Symbols Pack 1) - but you can use a different sign or template, or create a new one from scratch.

Now add on the Text icon to add a text label, enter some text, choose alignment and colour.  Now tap on  Fonts and switch MyFonts to on - you should then get a list of fonts including the newly installed graffiti fonts.  I've chosen "Bring tha noize" as shown below.  Tap on done to add the label and then resize and reposition.

That's it - try using different fonts and different colours.  The possibilities are endless!  Here are a few examples below.