Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Roadsign Magic - Use the Go-Pro add-in for t-shirts, icons and more ...

Go-Pro is an In-App purchase within Roadsign Magic which gives more control over exporting images allowing for transparent backgrounds making it ideal for icons, t-shirts and combining with other artwork.  You also get Facebook integration with this add-in.

This tutorial will take you through the steps required so you can do more with your road signs such as design t-shirts as shown below:

Go Pro is an in-app purchase so if you haven't already done so, you'll need to purchase Go Pro in the In-App Store available from the MySigns home screen as shown below.

In the first example, I've picked the following sign which has an irregular curved shape and sits on top of a concrete background.

If Go Pro has been purchased, then when you tap on the Settings button and choose Export, you should see a screen similar to the ones shown below.  The first two show the options available for PNG files (uncompressed) and the third screen shows the JPEG options.  Note the Size slider control - this allows you to export either very small (i.e. 140 x 140 px) or very high resolution (up to 2800 x 2800 px).

To show you the difference, consider the Transparency option for PNG files.  I've exported the road sign using Transparency Off and Transparency On (as shown in the first two of the above screens).  When I import the saved images in to another application (Montage Magic), you can see that with transparency switched on, there's no concrete background - ideal if you want to create logos on a background such as a website or a t-shirt.

You can also remove the Sign Background by choosing one of the Clear sign backgrounds with the Sign Background picker.  For the next example, this is what I've done - I've chosen a square based clear background - notice the dotted guidelines to help you with positioning of the objects - this guideline won't appear when you export the image.  (Note the warning triangle in the example below is actually a symbol and not a sign background).

Again, if I use the different transparency options, you can see the difference in the Montage below:

Now that I've saved my image with a transparent background (and no sign background), I can add this to a t-shirt.  There are many sites that let you do this - www.spreadshirt.co.uk is one site that supports PNG files and also high resolution.  I've exported the image with the PNG format, with transparency switched ON, and at the highest resolution (2800 x 2800 px).  All you need to do is then pick a t-shirt design, a colour, and upload the exported image - the website provides you with an excellent preview so you know what to expect as shown below:

That's it!  As you can see Go-Pro is ideal if you want to combine your Roadsign Magic creations with other artwork, or create logos to overlay on different backgrounds such as websites, t-shirts and other merchandise.